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Import / Export VAT

Bringing goods into a country usually attracts varying levels of Custom duties and taxes. Where Import VAT is applied, it is generally recoverable with other VAT. The Import VAT is applicable on the value of the goods, not the shipping cost – so it can be as high as 27% on top of the items. Where no or few controls are in place, this VAT often becomes an unseen cost in many organisations.

Taxback International works with you and your carriers to ensure paperwork is correct in order to reduce VAT costs and ensure recoverability of the VAT. This process is similar to our VAT recovery services both Foreign and Domestic.


  • Expert Advice on Import VAT Recovery
  • Advice on Documentation to Assist VAT Reclaim
  • Review Importation Documentation
  • Import VAT Savings
  • Ensure All Relevant Follow Ups
  • Import VAT Refunds
  • Import VAT Compliance Checks

Key Takeaways

You must be in possession of valid VAT and Customs documents. If not, VAT recovery is made more difficult, however is not impossible

Taxback International can assist you with avoiding or correcting these situations, and advise you on how best to proceed

Note that Customs entry into the E.U. for NON-E.U. businesses is likely to raise local VAT registration in clearance country

We will provide a FREE assessment of your Import VAT opportunity

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"Taxback International has always been our driving force to register for tax compliance in each country! Their extensive knowledge of each region's tax requirements is so beneficial to the success of our events . The team takes us through every step of registration needs, accommodates our special requests, and also offers the best customer service along the way. Thank you Taxback International team for saving us money on our international events!"

- Tricia Sutherland, Meeting Professionals International -

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