According to the international regulations, companies that travel abroad have the right to claim back the VAT paid for a large number of business expenses incurred outside their country of residence.

Absa Bank and Taxback International teamed up to offer corporate card holders an integrated, fast and efficient foreign VAT Refund Service. VAT refunds represent not only your right, but also the ideal solution to reduce foreign travel costs and to increase cash flow.


Reclaim the VAT on your Foreign Invoices

VAT can be as high as 27%

Companies operating across borders may incur foreign VAT which they cannot reclaim through their domestic VAT returns. Taxback International can help. VAT recovery is the process that can allow you to reclaim the foreign VAT. The VAT on a variety of expenses that can be reclaimed include:

  • Trade Shows / Conferences
  • Restaurant / Meals
  • Business Entertaining
  • Telecommunications
  • Training costs
  • Hotels
  • Advertising Costs
  • Storage costs
  • Professional fees
  • And Many More...

To view a chart of the countries refunding VAT click here

To download the VAT service information brochure, click here


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